How to do home decoration design


What do you know about home decoration design? Home decoration design is something we must encounter when decorating a house, so do you know about home decoration design? Let me introduce you to the relevant information of home decoration design!
Planning and thinking must be clear
Overall conception: In general, how to decorate should be conceived in advance to get a basic structure, and then communicate and communicate with planners on this basis. For example, the materials, styles, technology, orientation, deployment, placement, etc. of walls, floors, ceilings, lamps, furniture, sanitary ware, etc., must be let planners know your ideas.
The allocation of space and color:
The combination and deployment of space colors are directly related to the characteristics, character and preferences of the owner of the dwelling. The colors are nothing more than red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. There are docile, calm, bright, mysterious, simple, rich, pleasant, depressed, and so on. Which color you choose in detail, of course, is still to be used for harmony, and complementarity is better. Spatial image planning refers to the processing of the internal space provided by the building, the secondary processing of the internal space defined by the building, and the delimitation from the beginning based on the existing space standards. Without violating the fundamental guidelines and ergonomic guidelines, the standard and proportional relationship are explained from the beginning, and the questions about the consistency and contrast of the space after the transformation and the connection between the face and the line are handled well. There is no ugly color in the color scheme of the home improvement plan, as long as the color scheme is not harmonious. In a house, the use of color also contains healthy knowledge. Colors that are too intense and stimulating can easily make people feel irritable or affect people's mental health. It is not difficult to master some basic guidelines and use colors for home decoration.
Mainly for the six major interfaces of building the internal space, in accordance with certain planning requirements, secondary processing, that is, the processing of the so-called ceiling, wall, and ground, as well as the physical, semi-solid and other internal interfaces of the cutting space的处理。 Treatment. The construction interface itself can also be processed if the conditions permit. The advanced method of wall treatment is to use aluminum panels, wood panels, plastic panels, marble, granite, tiles of various colors, glass partitions, glass mirrors, mosaics, silver mosaics, rock paintings, wallpaper paste, etc. The color of the picture can be made rich. Generally, in the interior of a family, the walls are treated with lime white, wall repainting, and painting. There are wall moldings at the junction of the wall and the ceiling, and skirting boards at the junction with the ground. Sometimes they are treated with paint about 1 meter above the ground. , The wall is more robust.

The above is the relevant information about home decoration design. Home decoration design must first understand your favorite home decoration style, and pay attention to space utilization and color matching! 

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