4 major details of living room decoration


Decorating a house is a major event in life. It is time-consuming and troublesome. It is not easy to decorate well. Here are a few details of the decoration of the living room, so that friends who see it can help in the future decoration.
1. Wall decoration in the living room
For the decoration of the living room walls, some people say that wallpaper is better, and some people say that latex paint is better. How to decorate the walls of the living room and tell everyone about their advantages and disadvantages. Latex paint: the price is cheaper, the construction is relatively simple and suitable for large-area use. However, the color is relatively single and requires professionals to adjust the color. If the wall is cracked, the cracks can be clearly seen.
Wallpaper: There are many kinds of patterns, some sound-absorbing effects, cracks on the wall can be blocked, suitable for small area use. But no matter how good the glue is used for wallpaper, the formaldehyde contained in it is not easy to dissipate, and the phenomenon of hollow drums and edges will easily occur over a long period of time. The above are the advantages and disadvantages of latex paint and wallpaper for everyone. You can choose the appropriate decoration according to your own house.
2. Installation of sockets in the living room
Sockets are needed in many places in the living room, so the installation of sockets is very important. The first is the socket on the TV wall. You must install a few more, so that you can avoid the situation that the socket is not enough and the socket will be used in the future, and the mess on the TV cabinet can be avoided. There are also sockets on both sides of the sofa so that you can charge the phone while sitting on the sofa, but you must plan the position of the sockets on both sides of the sofa in advance to avoid the embarrassing situation that will be blocked in the future. It is recommended to make a ground plug on the side of the coffee table, so that it is convenient to charge the laptop in the living room.
3. Installation of lights in the living room
When choosing to install lights in the living room, it is best not to install crystal chandeliers or feather lights. Although these types of lights are good-looking, they are expensive and difficult to clean. It is recommended that ordinary households install ceiling lights, which are simple and practical, and are good for cleaning.
4. The color of the living room
The living room is the key to the entire indoor environment, so the color of the living room is also very important. The small-sized living room chooses warm colors, high purity, and high brightness colors to make the living room look larger. The large-sized living room chooses warm colors, high purity, and high brightness colors so that it will appear warm.

The above points are just a few things to pay attention to when decorating the living room. Have you learned it? 

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