European style furniture decoration


European-style furniture decoration refers to adding some accessories to the surface of the furniture to make it beautiful. There are many forms of expression of decorative art, and the most important, most common and most extensive form of expression is pattern.
Aesthetic decoration
1. Carving decoration: Divided into relief, round carving, open carving, flat carving and other forms.
2. Inlaid decoration: Firstly, wood blocks of different colors, wood strips, animal bones, metal, ivory, jade, etc. are formed into smooth patterns of flowers, plants, landscapes, trees, figures and various natural themes, and then inlay A decorative pattern formed by sticking to the surface of a milled grooved part. Divided into four forms: carved inlaid wood, sawed inlaid wood, attached inlaid wood, and milled inlaid wood.
3. Molded parts decoration: a method of decorating parts with decorative effects obtained by molding plastic materials.
4. Gold-plated decoration: Gold-plating refers to the metalization of the wood surface, that is, a thin layer of metal is covered on the surface of the furniture decoration.
5. Painting decoration: It is to paint freehand on the surface of the furniture with oil-based pigments, or to decorate the surface of the furniture by grinding paint.
6. Burning decoration: It is carried out by using the principle that wood will be carbonized and discolored after being heated.

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