What is the secretary bookcase


What is the secretary bookcase? Hearing the term secretary bookcase, people may be a little confused and wonder what specific uses it has. Today, the editor will come to popular science to explain what is the secretary cabinet! The secretary bookcase is actually a multi-functional office home, the style is generally more American classic. Compared with ordinary people's desks, the secretary cabinet can be moved and portable. Many secretary bookcase can not only be used as office supplies, but also can be transformed into multi-purpose storage rack cabinets for daily homes. Because of the soft and exquisite appearance of the secretary bookcase, it also serves as a makeup cabinet for many women. The secretarial bookcase was originally designed to meet the work needs of the European secretarial groups. It is a typical elite office furniture. It was born in the 18th century and prevailed in the middle of the last century. It is a unique style of MCM (Mid Century Modern). Furniture.

At the same time, the secretarial cabinets became popular all over the world due to the large amount of export sales.

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