Several factors affecting wooden furniture


Wooden furniture is more susceptible to some factors in the production process because of its own material.

1. Natural beauty

Because there are no two exactly the same tree, two exactly the same material, each product will have its unique characteristics, the natural characteristics of wood, such as mineral threads, color and texture changes, needle knots, resin capsules and other natural marks , All make the furniture more natural beauty.
2. Temperature influence
The freshly sawn wood has a moisture content of more than 50%. In order to process such wood into furniture, the wood needs to be carefully dried to reduce its moisture content to a certain level to ensure that the final product can adapt to the relative temperature of most households.
However, as the temperature in the home changes, wooden furniture will continue to exchange moisture with the air. Just like your skin, wood is porous, and it will shrink when it encounters dry air due to the dispersion of water. Similarly, when the relative temperature rises, the wood will absorb enough moisture to expand slightly, but these slight natural changes will not affect the fixing and durability of the furniture.
3. Influence of temperature difference
The temperature is 18 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees Celsius, and the relative temperature is 35%-40%. It is the most ideal environment for wood furniture. Please avoid placing the furniture near heat sources or air-conditioning vents. Temperature changes can cause damage to any exposed parts of the furniture. At the same time, the use of humidifiers, fireplaces or small heaters may also cause premature aging of furniture.
4. The effect of swelling
In a humid environment, the front of the solid wood drawer will become difficult to open and close due to expansion. A simple solution is to apply wax or paraffin to the edges and bottom slides of the drawer. If the humidity continues to be high for a long time, consider using a dehumidifier. When the air becomes drier, the drawer can open and close naturally.
5. Light influence
Do not expose the furniture to direct sunlight for a long time. When exposed to continuous sunlight, ultraviolet rays will cause fine cracks on the coating surface or cause fading or blackening. We recommend moving the furniture away from direct sunlight and using curtains to block the light when necessary. However, some types of wood will naturally deepen over time. These changes are not product quality defects, but normal phenomena.
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