How to Maintain A Mahjong Desk


Mahjong is an activity suitable for all ages. In your free time, if your family and friends have no activities, you can use mahjong to pass the time and contact your friends.

We have been using mahjong desk for a long time, and we are often at a loss when performing mahjong desk maintenance and do not know how to handle mahjong desk maintenance. 
Listen to the editor to analyze the maintenance methods of the mahjong desk.
(1) The mahjong desk is made of solid wood and should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

(2) It can't be directly exposed to sunlight, which will accelerate its aging and damage internal parts.

(3) The mahjong desk should also be kept away from solvents such as acids and alkalis. If you accidentally touch it, it will easily corrode the surface.

(4) If you want to move the mahjong desk, please handle it gently. It is best to fix it in one place and not move easily to avoid damage.
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