Features of European-style furniture


Features of European-style furniture
1、European-style furniture as a whole presents the following characteristics:
Intricate carving
"Baroque furniture" has complex and exquisite carving patterns; "Rococo furniture" also pays attention to carving, but the lines are softer; while the lines of "neo-classical furniture" are more lively, mainly based on Intarsia to show texture.
Prefer bright colors

Especially the "Baroque furniture" has strong colors, among which gold is the main color, and it is mostly decorated with gilding or gold leaf, which looks magnificent. The color of "Rococo furniture" is softer, with beige and white patterns. The main color; the color of "neo-classical furniture" tends to be warmer, such as wood color.

2、Pay attention to decoration
Whether it is "classical" or "neo-classical furniture", you can often see all kinds of embroidered cloth, tassels, rivets and other decorations.
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