Features of French wardrobe


1. The rich aristocratic palace color is one of the characteristics of the French wardrobe, which is meticulously crafted and full of artistic flavor. According to the time, the French wardrobe is divided into: Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical and Imperial style. 

2. The French wardrobe retains the French nostalgia for history, makes the European royal furniture civilians, will not be overly publicized, and also retains the French's unremitting pursuit of freedom, turning the home into a place to release stress and relieve fatigue. This is the second characteristic of French furniture.

3. The colors are mainly simple and elegant tones. The French prefer bright colors, with beige, white, and primary colors being more common. Exquisite gold pattern, texture color, smooth lines, comfortable style, complicated design and fine workmanship. From the characteristics of these French wardrobes, you can perceive the long cultural history and connotation of France.

DongGuanXuXing Art Crafts Co.,Ltd produced French Rose Series 4-Door Wardrobe is generally used as Home Furniture and can be used in Bedroom. It has the design style of French and Antique. Using Solid Wood as the material. Size is 290.8*60.9*231.7cm.Welcome all customers to consult

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