When "copper" element is used in furniture design


"Copper" element has been used in furniture design since ancient times to highlight quality and dignity, highly sought after. It is now found everywhere, from the most luxurious to the most ordinary homes.

The "copper" color is less flamboyant than the "gold" color, but it is more low-key and steady, but it is exquisite and fashionable sense, but not a little bit. From the "big" sofa to the small end table, it can be easily harnessed.

Sometimes used in load-bearing, sometimes used in the armrest, also sometimes used in lamps and lanterns, the area is not big, but very suction eyeball. It can be smooth straight lines, dancing curves, and other intricate textures, each with its own aristocratic vibe.

Although the personality is outstanding, but the "copper" element is like all-match, can HOLD the precious marble element, can also control the lightsome and transparent glass.

The light color of dark black gray, joker is fastened, it can mix easily build, highlight advanced feeling.

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