Some knowledge points about solid wood furniture


For solid wood furniture, the choice of color depends on your preferences. It is the so-called radish and green vegetables have their own preferences. The main thing is wood. Solid wood furniture is solid and durable, and its colors include natural color, light color and dark color. Log grain can be seen no matter what color. It is recommended to buy natural color or light color. The darker the color, the more knots, the worse the wood. Generally, good wood is used to make natural color or light color.

In order to maintain solid wood furniture well, we should choose teak oil refined from natural teak body, which has a great protective effect on solid wood furniture. It is the maintenance secret and partner of solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture generally has the following characteristics. Its dark color reflects the antique style. It is used in traditional furniture, and the wood is relatively light and gives people texture.

Generally, the wood itself will emit its own fragrance, hard material, high strength, good wear resistance and durability. Of course, no matter how good things are, solid wood furniture also has its own shortcomings. The output of this kind of thing is small, so it is difficult to have uneven quality of tree species The texture and year are not clear, the visual effect is very fuzzy, the material is relatively heavy and difficult to handle, the material is relatively hard and difficult to cut, and it is easy to crack.

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